I Won’t Meet Puneeth Garu’s Family -Allu Arjun

“I would have met Puneeth Rajkumar garu’s family today, but I won’t meet them,” said Allu Arjun in Bangalore today while interacting with Kannada media to promote his latest movie “Pushpa”. And then Kannada media broke into whistles as well later on, so what has happened.

Apparently, every other Telugu movie team including that of RRR and Pushpa which is meeting Kannada media these days, is first expressing their condolences for the death of Puneeth Rajkumar. And then, Allu Arjun has also done the same expressing his condolences to the Rajkumar family but stated that he will not be meeting their family today.

“I’m here to promote Pushpa and it’s not ethical to meet their family today when I’m here to promote a film. I will come to Bangalore again on another day and will surely meet Puneeth garu’s family” added Allu Arjun, giving a sort of twist to the Kannada media with his comments. However, as he stated that it is not ethical to meet today, Bangalore media got excited about it.

Later on Allu Arjun went on speaking about Pushpa and praised Kannada media for always supporting Telugu movies, but then some of the hardest questions have come from the media there, putting up the leading mega hero in a bit of a tight spot. But he has answered everything patiently.