Pic Talk: Hawt Apple Caught In A White Net

Giving some spicy treat everyday, Ananya Panday is making the use of winters to the best as she shares some naughty pictures of her on her social media pages. Guess what, more than the loads of sex appeal she’s oozing in these pics, sometimes her comments are getting more sexy. Find it out now.

Slipping into a white bikini this time, Ananya made sure that her fashionista treat will be mesmersiing the onlookers, but what caught everyone’s attention is the net over her body. As she puts up that lusty expression on her face, surely it is pushing eveyrone into wild thoughts when seen together with her costume.

As we get a tghouht that she looks like a mermaid caught in a net, the actress quickly summarises it herself, about her looks. “I’m fully aware that I look like fruit when it comes in that net thing”, commented Ananya, as she shared a picture of an apple covered in that white net pack. Well, the comparison sounds funny, surely it looks sexy, isn’t it?