Hero Gave His Blood & Sweat While Training

Bollywood hero Shahid Kapoor underwent a lot of training in cricket for the film ‘Jersey.’ A video called ‘Journey of Jersey’ was unveiled by the makers and we see Shahid getting trained intensively.

From stretching to learning the basics of batting, Shahid had undergone a lot. We see a mentor guiding Shahid in striking the ball, defending and what not. But there is no gain without pain.

Shahid struggling with cramps and finally getting hit by the ball on his face is something his fans would not like to see. Shahid reportedly got 25 stitches for the injury yet his dedication was unparalleled. That’s a lot of hard work and kudos for his efforts.

Then director Gautam Tinnanuri captures the main moments and Shahid sending the ball to the boundary was the ultimate visuals of this journey.

Hindi ‘Jersey’ will be storming the box office on December 31st.