Nuvvu Lekapothe Nenu Lenu: Bunny to Sukumar In Tears

Icon star Allu Arjun broke down into tears at the ‘Pushpa’ Thank You Meet and made emotional comments against director Sukumar. At this event Bunny spoke for nearly 40 minutes and thanked each and every person who worked for ‘Pushpa’ including the distributors of other languages.

“The last two years have been tough and I have been waiting for this event to thank the people. Also hereafter irrespective of flop or hit of my film, I will hold a ‘Thank You’ meet because the effort for a successful or failure film is the same,” said Bunny.

“We met about two – two and half years back. When Sukumar told that the film’s title is ‘Pushpa’ I asked him to write it on my iPad. Then we sat down in my office before we went for renovation. I used the word gratitude for a few people in my life and they my grandfather Allu Ramalingaiah, my parents, Chiranjeevi garu and Sukumar also falls in this space because while I was doing ‘Parugu’ I bought a sports car worth Rs 85 Lakh. When I placed my hand on the steering, I just remembered Sukumar’s name because he is the one who is responsible for my evolution,” said Allu Arjun.

“Darling… Nuvvu Lekapothe Nene Lenu,” said Bunny and tears rolled out of his eyes. Director Sukumar who was seated below the dais, was touched by Bunny’s words and even he had tears too.

“Your contribution is unbelievable and I can’t express the same in words. Thank you,” concluded Bunny.

Also Allu Arjun revealed a big update that they are planning to release ‘Pushpa’ part two in as many Indian languages as possible.