Pic Talk: Adorable Katrina Kaif From Her Honeymoon

Some hotties make sure that they chronicle every moment of their life on social media as they share their day-to-day activities here. But few beauties are like sexy siren Katrina Kaif who archive their lives but share a picture from them at a later point of time.

Currently spending her cozy time with her husband Vicky Kaushal, this Indian-origin UK actress is making sure that she shares some of the ravishing pictures from her archives. She shared one such picture today which was shot a couple of weeks ago when the siren was in the Maldives along with Vicky for their honeymoon. Surely she looks a tonne in that picture oozing that newly-wedded shine all over, as her cheeks are caught blushing.

On the other hand, she has flaunted her sexy side while posing in that beachwear. Along with her infectious smile, her ravishing looks are surely gonna make bachelors feel jealous of Vicky Kaushal for taking her hand already.