Video: Bunny’s Phenomenal Transformation As Pushpa Raj

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa is a phenomenal success and this well-made masala film will never go out of fashion anytime soon. Directed by Sukumar, Bunny has put his blood and sweat for the rustic character as Pushpa. The official page of Pushpa shared the actor’s massive makeup transformation, leaving thousands of fans across the nation spellbound.

One can see Bunny getting ready as Pushpa Raj. He underwent intense makeup and prosthetic session. Right from tanning the skin to transforming his hair into curls, the actor had to sit several hours patiently in his vanity van. Multiple makeup artists are seen working on him tirelessly. And finally, he walks out of the vanity in signature Pushpa style.

The hard work and patience are vividly seen by the actor and other crew members. This captivating action flick is nothing but the most outstanding performance of Allu Arjun in his entire career. The team have taken care of all departments since they understand why and what Allu Arjun fans want from his movies. Also, the film managed to set a massive record not only at the box office but also with high viewership on the OTT platform. And the rest is the history.