What’s Wrong With Bheemla’s Sound??

A top-class musician like maestro Thaman is there and he is solidly supported by a world-class sound engineer Shadab Rayeen, and they have creative genius Trivikram backing them big time. Irrespective of all these forces joining hands together, the trailer of “Bheemla Nayak” sounded like there is some serious issue with the sound of the trailer.

When the trailer was played for the first time by many fans, they are shocked to see that the volume levels of both vocal tracks and the background score are not set at the right levels. While the ones who watched the trailer in theatres got pretty excited, the YouTube version lacks the punch as the sound levels are pretty low. While the voices of Rana and Pawan are a little messy in the beginning, later we have a clear voice but the sound range of BGM is somewhere near the ocean floor.

Despite the fact that top-class engineers and creative people worked on this trailer, one wonders if Thaman has intentionally scored the music this way or it takes time to sniff that music into souls. Hope there will be no issue of sound in the theatrical print of the movie as the audience is expecting nothing less than a Vakeel Saab and Akhanda background score for the movie.