The 100 Teaser: RK Sagar On Hunt

RK Sagar who took a long break from movies is coming up with a film titled The 100. Raghav Omkar Sasidhar is directing the movie, while Ramesh Karutoori, Venki Pushadapu, and J Tharak Ram are the producers. Mega Mother Anjana Devi launched the film’s teaser.

The teaser begins with the protagonist who is an IPS officer being drilled by Human Rights Commission for his rude approach in dealing with the criminals. Mass murders take place in the city and seems like the IPS Officer is blamed. However, he isn’t really concerned about what the higher officials or the media think about it.

RK Sagar who is on a hunt to eliminate criminals looked dashing as an IPS officer. He brought that fierceness to the character with his power-packed performance. Misha Narang is the heroine in the movie being made under the banners of KRIA Film Corp and Dhamma Productions.

Harshavardhan Rameshwar scored the music for the movie, while Shyam K Naidu is the cinematographer.