RRR Day 2 Collections: Phenomenal Is A Small Word

On the first day of its release, the mixed talk on RRR movie owing to film critics and audiences has caused a bit of confusion, but the verdict of audiences is quite clear that they have become huge admirers of this visual marvel created by SS Rajamouli. After posting huge collections on Day 1 (nearly ₹ 100+ crores share from India alone), the film did superbly on Day 2 as well.

Though the official figures are taking time to come out, it is being heard that the film is doing a more than phenomenal stunt at the Bollywood office.

After collecting ₹ 20+ crores nett on Day 1 (Mar 25th), RRR collected ₹ 23+ crores nett on Day 2 from the Bollywood box office. It is estimated that the film will collect 30+ crores nett on Day 3 (Sunday) from the Hindi arena.

At the same time, after collecting a whopping ₹ 73+ crores ‘share’ from Telugu states on Day 1, which includes benefit shows and others, RRR is said to have collected nearly ₹ 35-38 crores ‘share’ on Saturday. The share is likely to be the same on Sunday too or it might be a bit more too.

In all likelihood, the film might end up collecting ₹ 500 crores ‘nett’ from the box office as expected by trade pundits in the First Weekend itself.