Mega Brother Toying With A Poor Idea?

Mega brother Nagababu has left “Jabardasth” in haste and then started appearing as a judge on Zee Telugu’s Adhirindi. Slowly this program is also picking up as the YouTube videos of Adhirinidi skits are getting millions of views now. Then comes his plan to impress the audiences of comedy skits.

Recently Nagababu’s good disciples, who happen to be contestants of Jabardasth show, are busy advertising about a contest. Calling it as a first-ever digital comedy show, that goes by the title “Vigil”, they are asking people to send comedy videos (which they have done with a team) such that they will judge those videos and select 30 teams. Later, all the teams will be pushed into a competition through Zoom video-conference or maybe live recording.

Actually the lifted idea of “Comedy Central”, which turned into Jabardasth and Adhirindi in Telugu arena, has worked due to many of its glamorous anchors, celebrity judges and good editing as well as rich production values. Without all the hungama, if contestants have to make a video themselves with sound effects and all, it is going to be a costly affair.

If all the Jabardasth contestants are asked to produce, shoot and edit their skits themselves, the result may not come out as good as a professional technical team’s work. Missing out this key aspect, one wonders if Nagababu’s idea has that business potential in it. Though Nagababu announced cash-prize for winners, definitely he will not be doing charity to award comedians.