This Is What Allu Arvind Predicted For Ghani?

From the speeches given by Allu Arvind regarding the hiked cost of production of “Ghani” during the pre-release event to the speeches given by Varun Tej about the way Arvind has supported the film in its ups and downs, one could read many things. The other day, after watching the film on the silver screen, one would surely get clarity about these speeches immediately.

A talk is doing rounds that Allu Arvind has already predicted that “Ghani” has come out as a pretty routine film and that’s the reason he suggested so many changes.

When the new director Kiran and Arvind’s elder son Allu Bobby are not listening to these changes, Arvind might have involved Varun Tej as well in the creative.

Lots of reshoots and adding of many stars to the film to secure a minimum guarantee at the box office has finally resulted in a bomb. And Allu Arvind already knows that the film’s fate will be like this and it might recover only partially from the ticket windows.

Whatever it may be, once the film ends up in the laps of the audience, surely the result depends on the engaging content, and with Ghani lacking that, lots of speculations are bound to happen.

For sure, both Allu Bobby and Varun Tej needs to pick better subjects in case if they need to prove their mettle in a big way.