Abhibus Spent Crores, TSRTC Gets Mahesh For Free

One of the most loved ‘endorsement’ star of Tollywood is none other than Superstar Mahesh, who will always have more than a dozen products in his kitty. And he has been the brand ambassador of the ticketing website ‘Abhibus’ too, which is primarily aimed at buying bus tickets from various public and private companies. And here comes an interesting comment.

Other day, once again TSRTC’s digital promotion wing made the best use of Telugu cinema by sharing a clip of Mahesh Babu from “Srimanthudu” where he travels on an RTC bus. Surely the message will reach millions of fans easily as one could notice that Mahesh himself is boarding a public bus.

But then, those who have got excited to watch this video from the Srimanthudu movie are busy commenting that RTC commissioner VC Sajjanaar got Mahesh almost for free to represent RTC, while Abhibus like portals might have poured crores to get him to do it.

While TSRTC officials might have paid a nominal sum to use clips from the Srimanthudu movie to promote the public transport service, surely it is almost free if what Mahesh charges from big brands is taken into consideration. Anyway, if film stars promote government transport services, and if the public also gets inspired by it and follows the same, then surely it will be benefitting the total of society on a whole.