Zero Buzz To This One Man Show!

Popular comedian and producer, Bandla Ganesh came up with his new outing Degala Babji. He played the lead hero in this flick, which is an official remake of the Tamil film Oththa Seruppu Size 7.

He will be the only actor who can be seen on the screen while we just hear the voices of other actors in the background.

This strategy worked well in the Tamil version and the film did decently well at the box office. The original version also got a lot of awards and accolades.

The makers of the Telugu version wanted to replicate the same success here but unfortunately, they couldn’t. Degala Babji had hit the screens the other day amid zero buzz.

It got very minimal screens across the Telugu states. As there were no promotions at all, most of the people also didn’t know about Degala Babji’s release.

Even Pawan Kalyan’s fans didn’t show interest in watching this Bandla Ganesh flick. People who have also watched the film are coming out with negative feedback.

As a result, Ganesh had to witness a disastrous result at the box office.