TV Actor Accuses Ex-Wife Of Affair

Not all divorces and separations are peaceful and mutual. The ongoing defamation trial of Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has become one of the most followed topics on the internet. While that is from Hollywood, here is one from Hindi television actors.

Hindi TV actor Karan Mehra alleges that his wife Nisha Rawal is having an affair and there is a man in his house living with Nisha for the last 11 months. Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal had an ugly social media spat in 2021 after she accused him of assaulting her. Earlier on Lock Upp, Nisha accepted that she cheated on Karan as she kissed another man while still being married to Karan.

The latest we hear is that Karan accuses Nisha of having an ‘extramarital affair’. Karan said that the man left his wife and kids to live with Nisha. Nisha and Karan’s couple has a son together. Karan was arrested in May 2021.

In his latest interview, Karan said, ‘He himself has confessed about his affair with Nisha and again, I allowed him to come into the house. We tried to start all over again, then we had a son. It still happened and even today he is staying in my house. I am fighting my battle in this situation.’

He further alleged that the two have taken away his cars, businesses, and assets. He said Nisha hurt herself and made false accusations so she can have huge alimony.

Nisha responded to the allegations and said she did not need any alimony. She questions how Karan thinks it is all his property when they two earned it together and she reiterated that she started earning when she was very young. Nisha claims to be supporting Karan before she even was part of Ye Rishta television series. Nisha did not say anything on the accusations about the affair.