Ilaiyaraja Gives Indian Touch To Stranger Things

Streaming giant Netflix’s super hit web series Stranger Things is coming back with a new season. The fourth and final season of the show will be premiered tomorrow across the world.

Stranger Things enjoys a massive fan base across the world, including India. In order to promote the show in India, Netflix has teamed up with musical maestro Ilaiyaraja.

The legendary music director composed an Indian version of Stranger Things’ theme music. This music video was released the other day.

Raja gave an Indian traditional twist to the theme music by incorporating classical instruments. This version of theme music is highly addictive and haunting at the same time.

Once again, Ilaiyaraja proved why he is called one of the best music composers in the world. After watching this video, many fans are now requesting Netflix to incorporate this version into the episodes of Stranger Things or promote it on an international level.

It has to be seen if Netflix obliges to this request or not.