Prashanth Neel’s Female Centric Film On Cards?

With KGF Chapter 2 becoming the second big film in the whole of India after Baahubali 2, surely the expectations and rumours surrounding talented director Prashanth Neel’s next film are quite huge. While the director has only #NTR31 confirmed so far after Prabhas’ Salaar, here is another big rumour popping up. According to the grapevine, Salaar happens to be the story of the Muslim guy who joins Rocky Bhai’s security gang in KGF: Chapter 2. Though there is no confirmation about it, Prabhas’ look and the personal army guy’s look in KGF2 are quite a match, thus making movie lovers buy into this rumour. It looks like Prashanth Neel has another story ready from the KGF Multiverse before actually making KGF 3, according to the rumour mongers.

There is a first girl child born in Kollar Gold Fields in Chapter 2 of the movie and Rocky Bhai names her after his mother. And as the girl grows big under Salaar after the death of Rocky Bhai, surely there is a scope to narrate her story as well. That story will be narrated through a female-centric movie, which will feature a superstar playing the leading role, say reports.

Some are even adding that currently the writing team of Prashanth Neel is said to be working on this spin-off as well, though there is no clarity whether they would take off that film or not. We have to wait and see.