Sammathame Has Mass Elements Too: Kiran Abbavaram

Young hero Kiran Abbavaram is awaiting the release of Sammathame directed by Gopinath Reddy. The film co-starring Telugu girl Chandini Chowdary is due for release on 24th of this month. Here are the excerpts from Kiran Abbavaram’s interaction with media.

Tell us about your association with director Gopinath Reddy?
We knew each other for long time and are very passionate about movies. We did few short movies and spent lot of time together. Gopi actually takes more time to write his scripts. He wanted to make the movie as a wholesome entertainer. There is breeziness and freshness throughout the film.

What’s the core point of the film?
The core point was revealed in the opening scene of the trailer. This guy wants to bring back that good fortune in the house, after his mother passes away, and he feels it will happen only after his marriage. What happens when a middle-class guy falls in love with this city girl forms crux of the story? Mine and Chandini’s are contrasting characters.

What’s the role of music in the movie?
As the story demanded, we included 7 songs in the movie and out of which most of them are situational. We intentionally didn’t release the songs, as to give a new experience in theatres.

Your previous movies targeted masses, but this movie looks class. What do you say about it?
Although title sounds soft and class, it has mass elements as well. The dialogues and the character’s behaviour bring that mass to the movie.

What do you say about completing movies at jet speed will affect the outcome?
My personal feeling is that heroes of this generation need to do more films, so that it will give work for many. I, however, take best care on every subject and making of my movies.

What kind of emotions this movie will have?
There are many elements which most of the people will relate to. There is father-son emotion, the girl’s emotion are very genuine. I’m sure that many will connect to climax of the movie.

Why are you mostly playing middle-class roles?
Apparently, filmmakers feel I’m apt for such roles and subjects. I don’t like to do out of the box movies. I love to do stories which come from our surroundings.

The title is too soft, do you feel it will have good reach?
These kinds of soft and pleasant titles will have more reachability. We felt excited when we first heard the title.

What challenges you or director faced to finalize heroine?
It was a tough task for Gopi. He took 5 months to finalize heroine of the movie. He looked for many options. I was also very new to the industry and only Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru was released by then. The director felt Chandini would be a perfect pick for the movie. Chandini is originally hyper active and it is too easy for her to play the character.

What’s the importance of the retro track in the movie?
We took some cinematic liberty for the situation. It’s a dream song with 90s backdrop. It’s Gopi’s idea and the song came out well.

What are your next projects?
I’ll have another three releases this year. By the end of July, shoot of all these movies will be completed.