BIG BREAKING: Cine Workers call for a Strike To Raise Wages

Post the pandemic, the movie industry is struggling to make a successful comeback. With a few movies making it big at the box office, the producers are relieved that the industry is finding it’s way back to normalcy. However now, there seems to be an issue now.

We came to know that the film workers are on the verge of a massive strike for their wages increment. This massive strike would bring a halt to filming of all Telugu films until the problem is resolved.

As per the sources, despite many effects, Tollywood film industry hasn’t shown enough concern towards the workers salaries.

Taking this issue seriously, the film union members are on plans to impose pressure on the federation for their wages increment. It is heard that no film worker will not attend the shootings until their wages are raised.

With this it is also clear that there will be no movie shootings from tomorrow.

We have to see if the issue will be solved soon.