Prabhas Fans Support Pakka Commercial

Macho Hero Gopichand’s Pakka Commercial is releasing on July 1st. Director Maruthi is coming up with a complete fun entertainer with Gopichand.

The movie has got the Support of Prabhas fans now. Gopichand is a close friend of Prabhas. They have done Varsham movie together and share a great offscreen bonding.

Moreover, Maruthi is directing Prabhas for his next project. In a recent interview, Maruthi promised that he would show Prabhas just how fans want to see him.

He also said he is a big fan of Prabhas. Maruthi is a minimum guarantee director and also finishes his films very fast. That means he will address all the problems of Prabhas.

A hit with Pakka Commercial will increase the buzz around Prabhas – Maruthi project. So, Prabhas fans are enthusiastic about the film and are cheering for Pakka Commercial.

The recently released Pakka Commercial trailer also promises to be a complete entertainer in Maruthi’s style and showcasing Gopichand in new style.