Cine Workers Strike Called Off: Shootings To Resume!

The strike called by cine workers demanding a hike in wages has been fruitful. With the bigwigs of the Film Chamber agreeing to the demands of the cine workers in principle, the issue has a positive ending.

The producers have asked the protesting cine workers to join the film’s shootings. As the demands have been accepted, the Federation has called off the strike and the film’s shootings are going to resume from tomorrow. Cinematography minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav has played a crucial role in the negotiations and ended the deadlock between cine workers and the film producers.

Coordination Committee President Dil Raju along with Federation leaders are going to make a formal statement tomorrow with the updated wages. It is buzzed that the Federation has also agreed to go soft on the producers request over the practical problems in the shooting locations. All these will be mentioned on paper and signed by both parties.

The shooting of over 25 big films that were halted due to the strike got a huge sigh of relief with the calling off the strike.