Mahesh Babu Confused About Giving Two Years?

Superstar Mahesh is very confident about his lineup as he has Trivikram’s film first and will jump to Rajamouli’s movie later on.

However, we are hearing that the Superstar is actually worried a bit about doing Rajamouli’s movie owing to the fact that the legendary filmmaker never wraps up his films in time, as he focuses more on perfection than the time factor alone.

At a time when the likes of Megastar Chiranjeevi are coming up with nearly two movies a year and having 4-5 films in the pipeline at the same time, Mahesh is said to have felt that he will be unnecessarily locking himself up for two years at this crucial point of his career.

As Rajamouli has shot to tremendous fame across the globe with RRR, surely he will be focusing on making a film on a global scale this time rather than a simple film. For that to happen, all his lead actors should give ample time to the movie. So what will Mahesh do?

It is coming out that Mahesh requested Rajamouli to not give him any special look for the film such that he could wrap up even other projects in the meantime.

Also as Rajamouli wanted a big multi-starrer kind of casting again, Mahesh is said to have opined that if the director goes for big stars then dates clash are bound to happen. He wanted only free actors to sign the film such that they will be available at any time and the whole project could be planned based on Mahesh’s availability.

With all these conditions on hand, will Mahesh really be able to do this film with Rajamouli in the first place? However, fans are feeling that their Superstar should give three years also if needed as they feel that rather than doing movies like Sarkaruvari Paata and Sarileru Neekevvaru, it’s better to do a Rajamouli film even if it is taking 3-4 years time.