Sensational Directors? Doesn’t Matter For Audience

What matters the most inside a movie theatre? It is two hours of non-stop entertainment. Whether that entertainment is a comedy like DJ Tillu or an edge-of-seat thrilling treat like Vikram, or an action drama like KGF 2, or a visual effects feast like RRR, it should entertain, that’s it. If that is not happening, then audience doesn’t mind who the director is.

Last Friday the film Happy Birthday was released and garnered quite a negative talk. And due to the incessant rains that are hitting the Telangana region hard, we wonder if the film will get any attention even on Sunday. And that also reminds us that even though the director Ritesh Rana’s debut film Mathu Vadalara is sensational, the audience is not forgiving if the content is not good enough.

Back then we have directors of movies like Pelli Choopulu and RX 100, whose debut films are super hits but the second films didn’t garner much attention. Tarun Bhaskar’s Ee Nagaranaiki Emaindi hasn’t turned out to be the blockbuster his debut film is, while Ajay Bhupathi’s Maha Samudram is the baap of disasters. Recently Pakka Commercial also ended up as a big disaster, though director Maruthi is also a sensation director.

These happenings explain the fact that it never matters for the audience whether the film they are watching is carved by a sensational director or someone else, all it needs to do is entertain them.