Watch: The Unknown Side Of Nandamuri Kalyanram

Very rarely we get to see the up close and personal side of Nandamuri Kalyanram who is now arriving with his film “Bimbisara”. As the film is set to hit cinemas next week, indulged in a candid chat with him where the best out of him has come out. More than just his film Bimbisara, the talented hero revealed a lot, which could be a super surprise to his fans.

Talking about Bimbisara, the actor explained the gut feeling with which he took up this subject and the connection between the original historical king Bimbisara and this subject. At the same time, he clarified why Bimbisara movie is not hitting the marquee in Bollywood though he has millions of views even for his flop films on YouTube. Also, the actor explained how they controlled the cost of the film by getting visual effects done at his own VFX studio.

On the personal side, many would have noticed that big ‘Swathi’ tattoo on his right hand and Kalyan Ram explained for the first time to the world through why he got it inked in the first place. You have to listen to that in his own words in the interview. Also, none know the fact that he would love to play games on Xbox and PS4 with his children, and if you want to know what games he plays, do watch the video right now.

At the same time, what would he love to steal from Megastar Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna Akkineni if he has to? The Nandamuri hero is quick to reply as he says that the commercial elements Chiru has are something he would love to steal, while he can’t resist that charm and fitness from Nag.

Cut to politics, would he contest in the upcoming elections if the Telugu Desam party commands him to do so? Do watch the full interview to know more about Kalyan Ram.