Samantha’s New Book Became Talk Of The Town

After creating a sort of sensation with her revelations on “Koffee With Karan” Season 07, queen bee Samantha Ruth Prabhu hasn’t made much noise on social media. However, she is said to be quite busy with the pending shoots of her upcoming films and after wrapping them in Hyderabad, she flew to Mumbai other day.

What caught the attention of many onlookers is neither Samantha’s styling nor her gorgeous presence, but the book she’s said to be reading. Apparently, Samantha flaunted her current reading, “You Can Heal Your Life”, a self-help book written by author Louise Hay back in 1984. One wonders why is she reading this book and that is leading to various doubts.

Is Samantha still healing herself from the breakup is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind after looking at this book in her hand. But then, what is the need to flaunt it quite openly as that leads to more discussion about her divorce? One would wonder if she is flaunting such books for gaining sympathy, but then, for a star of her stature that is not actually needed.

Anyway, with Samantha carrying a self-help book, many are actually thinking about stuff like depression and how it could affect even big stars.