Prabhas Pushes for Top-Notch VFX in “Raja Saab”

Superstar Prabhas has reportedly wrapped up a significant portion of filming for his upcoming movie “The Raja Saab,” directed by Maruthi. The actor, known for his roles in action epics like “Adipurush,” seems to be prioritizing visual effects (VFX) in this project. Here comes an interesting snippet.

While details about the film’s plot are scarce, reports suggest it’s a light-hearted entertainer with a focus on comedy and masala elements, but set in a different and vintage fantasy world.

As Prabhas’ experience with “Adipurush,” which made headlines for its VFX challenges, has apparently influenced his approach to “Raja Saab.” After witnessing the troubles faced with “Adipurush’s” VFX, Prabhas has reportedly advised director Maruthi to ensure top-notch visual effects for their project, without compromising anything.

Taking Prabhas’s concerns very seriously, director Maruthi and the production house, People Media Factory, are leaving no stone unturned to deliver high-quality VFX work. This focus on visual effects ensures a polished final product that can compete with the biggest-budget films.