Opinion: Where Is Satya Dev Failing?

During the lockdown period or say during the pandemic period itself, no other hero might have seen a couple of releases except Vizag lad Satyadev Kancharana. This young talented hero has the likes of 47 Days and Umamaheswara Ugraroopasya releasing on OTT platforms, and some of his previous movies also started to trend due to that.

Guess what, despite the fact that Satyadev got appreciation from the likes of Megastar Chiru and others, he’s not getting huge fame like how a Vijay Devarakonda and Raj Tarun have got it just with a couple of movies. Wonder why? Many say that Satyadev is quite weak in fan management or in creating fanbases. That happens to be the reason that he’s not getting as much attention as he deserves.

Many young heroes who just make impact with just one film are quick to create fanbases, hire SEO teams to trend hashtags about their movies and other works, create artificial hype around them by making their presence felt at many events. But Satyadev is not able to follow this routine till date and that might hinder his future prospects.

Becoming a hero or proving as an actor is secondary but staying in the hype will allow a budding hero to become a star. Hope Satyadev is reading this.

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