Pawan Kalyan & 900 People Excite Fans, But..

From a long time, the delay of the shooting of Hari Hara Veera Mallu is not only troubling producer AR Ratnam with financial burdens but is also worrying fans if the film will hit cinemas next year as planned.

But recently we have revealed that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has not only joined the shoot but also given hope that there will be Summer 2023 release for the film.

Today, the makers have dropped a note saying that carving out a big film always needs time and lots of effort, and right they are canning a big action sequence featuring Pawan Kalyan and 900 other artists.

At a special erected set in RFC, this particular schedule is focused on carving out some important scenes involving Pawan Kalyan. This sequence will come right before the interval as per our sources, and it is going to be stunning in terms of visual effects too.

But then, if Pawan Kalyan is unable to fully give his dates, will this film be a possibility for next year’s summer is the question now. Apparently, Pawan is planning for a couple of political tours very soon and almost 1/4th of the shoot that involves his presence is yet to be wrapped. So, this update is exciting, but fans are actually waiting for the ‘gummadikaya’ ceremony update.