When Puri Scolded Idiot Beauty, Her Reaction Is Epic

Director Puri Jagan is back to giving free advice to his fans as he keeps doing “Puri Musings”, some audio recordings where he shares his philosophy.

In his latest musing, the director spoke about how one should learn to give a balanced reaction to anything and cited an interesting example as well. 

Seemingly, the director stated that one should not react when they are angry and if they could turn that into a funny situation that would be better. He gave an example of heroine Rakshitha who debuted through his “Idiot” movie in Telugu.
During the shoot of Idiot, in a scene where Rakshitha was supposed to cry, the actress is failing to get the emotion right and is even laughing.

Puri is said to have scolded her angrily, saying that he will not write a character for her in his next. What would have been her reaction if she thinks like any other commoner? 

Reacting to that, Rakshitha said, “If you don’t write a character for me, I’m gonna kill you. I will be featured in your next 10 films too. Tell me clearly what should I do now anyway! (Ippudu em cheyyalo sarigga cheppi chaav”. Puri stated that her reaction broke everyone on the set into huge laughter and he took laughed for a while.

That’s an epic reaction and Puri wants his followers to habituate such cool reactions even in hotheaded situations.