18 Pages: Sukumar’s Last Minute Edits, Arvind Unhappy?

This Friday (Dec 23) we are going to witness the release of hero Nikhil’s “18 Pages” which is produced by Sukumar and features Anupama Parameswaran as the female lead.

With Nikhil-Anupama scoring a blockbuster with “Karthikeya 2” and Sukumar being the man who carved pan-India hit “Pushpa”, there are lots of expectations for this movie. 

A talk is doing rounds that Sukumar sat in the edit suite in the last three days and made lots of changes to the film’s narrative. This new-cut made by Sukumar will not be available for the USA audience as the film’s prints were already dispatched.

But for the Indian version, the film is going to be pretty different as Sukumar made lots of edits. While the last-minute changes to make the film appealing are fine, all these happenings are said to have upset producer Allu Arvind, as GA2 is the main investor of the film. 

It is coming out that Arvind is unhappy that Sukumar hasn’t even given a minute for “18 Pages” in the last year by sitting on Pushpa 2 script all the time. But when the film neared a release, it upset the mega producer that Sukumar made lots of edit changes. Now that the Indian version and USA version of the film is different.

Buzz has that there is no single scene in the film where the hero (Nikhil) and heroine (Anupama) meet for real, though they meet in imagination.