Poonakalu Loading.. That’s Huge Trolling

‘Dont’ stop dancing.. Poonakalu Loading’, and that Poonakalu got loaded to the maximum in a day as the song’s lyrical video on YouTube clocked 8 million views in just a day. With that, “Waltair Veerayya” has four chartbuster songs already as the likes of Boss Party and Sridevi-Chiranjeevi became super hits. But then, as it happens with every super hit song these days, even this song scored by Devi Sri Prasad is facing the ultimate trolling. 

Apparently, some music lovers identified a resemblance between Poonakalu Loading and another song that was released a couple of years ago. The hook signature music beat created using a wind-organ by Devi Sri Prasad seems to be an exact match with that of the tune composed by Anup Rubens for ’90 ML’ movie. With the beat timing also sounding the same, netizens are busy trolling that DSP has lifted the tune idea from Karthikeya’s movie. 

Definitely, that is ‘huge trolling’ for this song as earlier songs from Waltair Veerayya got trolled for Devi Sri Prasad’s lyrics and other crazy inserts in the songs. Anyway, mega fans are quite happy with this trolling as well, because they feel that whether you love megastar’s song or you hate it, you can’t simply ignore it. And that’s what happening at the given moment.