Dil Raju Irks Fans Of Telugu Stars!

Producer Dil Raju’s comments and statements are courting controversies of late. When Raju praises Vijay for whom he produced Varisu/Vaarasudu and slated for Sankranthi release, this eventually translated as a big blow to the fans of Telugu star heroes. The latest is Dil Raju’s comments at the pre-release event of Varisu at Chennai kicked up a furore again. 

Dil Raju recalled his first moment with Thalapathy Vijay. “I wanted to meet Vijay sir and I informed Jagadish. I got his appointment and when I was in chennai, I went to meet him. I was waiting outside Vijay sir’s cabin. He came with two cups of coffee. He got me coffee with his own hands. This is a big surprise. No star hero has offered me coffee like this before,” exclaimed Dil Raju. Dil Raju further said, “Vijay sir is Superstar in cinema. He is also a Superstar in real life. That is his character. I have made 50 films in Telugu. This is my 51st film,” said Dil Raju.

Dil Raju didn’t stop here in praising Vijay and Vaarisu. He said, “This pongal is ours. Varisu is going to be the winner not only in Tamil, Telugu and North India.”

He added, “It is a family film with all the elements that appeal to Vijay’s fans. There are dances. There are fights. There is emotion. The film is a dedication to Vijay sir’s parents and all the parents.”

Dil Raju spoke in broken English throughout the speech. This is why many are reading in between the lines. Yet, Raju’s comments have certainly not gone down well with the fans of Telugu stars. We have to wait and see the implications of Dil Raju’s latest comments.