One More Wrong Step From Samantha!

Slowly recovering from the myositis she is suffering from, star heroine Samantha Ruth Prabhu is making sure that the post-production works of her pending films will be ramped up. As director Gunasekhar has announced that their “Shakuntalam” is going to hit cinemas on February 17th, 2023, right now the actress entered the dubbing room.

Sharing a picture straight from the dubbing studio, Samantha wrote a quote from Nikki Rowe as a caption. “Art is my cure to all this madness, sadness and loss of belonging in the world & through it I’ll walk myself home”, she wrote. Going by the visual on the screen, it looks like the final output for dubbing was readied back in October 2022 only, but Samantha’s condition hasn’t helped her finish the job till now. But here goes another thing.

For reasons unknown, these days Samantha is trying to dub herself in Telugu rather than depending on Chinmayi whose voice literally became her soul for many movies right from Ye Maya Chesave. Back in Yashodha, the star heroine dubbed well but failed to utter certain dialogues clearly. In many emotional scenes, we could notice the pungent Tamil flavour in the lines uttered by Samantha. And now that Shakuntalam is an epic movie, there will be a bit of ‘poetic Telugu’ (Grandheekam), and many are wondering how the actress would be able to manage.

All said and done, own dubbing for Shakuntalam will be a wrong step from Samantha unless she miraculously does a fabulous job.