Opinion: Rajamouli Is A Legend After Legendary NTR!

Back then, when Telugu people lacked identity, it is the late legendary NT Ramarao who voiced the rhetoric of ’Teluguvari Aatma Gowravam’ and won everyone’s attention for us.

While another legendary freedom fighter Potti Sriramulu garu fought all the way to get Telugu people a separate state from Madras, it is NTR’s voice that actually got us a separate identity. Cut to now, how is SS Rajamouli related to this? 

In fact, SS Rajamouli is now a legend who is bringing a new identity to Indians on a whole when it comes to the opinion of Europeans and Americans on us.

Some students and employees who live and work in Europe stated that back then whenever they say they are Indian, people used to talk about the ’Slumdog Millionaire’ movie and how India is all about slums.

But now, whenever these students say that they are from India and speak Telugu, people are exclaiming with euphoria and asking them about RRR movie only. 

Definitely, RRR has brought new attention to India, its range as a cultural and developed land and renewed attention to Telugu folks as well who are super creative. All these students in Europe and America are now saying that they are feeling like proud Indians and proud Telugu people after Rajamouli pushed the pride of Telugu people to an epitome with the RRR movie.

On that note, can we now say that Rajamouli is another legend in the making in the likes of legendary NTR when it comes to bringing us a new identity?