Three Biggies To Trouble Adipurush In the USA

The teaser of Prabhas’ Adipurush garnered big criticism and trolls due to the non-realistic graphics work. Though the team appeared confident initially, they changed the release date to June 16 this year and reportedly poured in 100 more crores to make it better. Now, the release date seems to be a new trouble for Adipurush.

Adipurush makers spent hundreds of crores already on the project and the overseas collections of the movie play a crucial role in recovering the monies. In the latest update, the Hollywood movies, DC’s ‘The Flash’ and Disney’s ‘Elemental’ will be releasing on the same day as Adipurush in the USA.

It goes without saying that the two big releases in the USA will occupy many of the screens all over, leaving Adipurush with a very limited number of screens and locations. The woes won’t stop there because ‘Transformers’ is coming the week before Adipurush’s release date and it will hold many screens already.

It has to be seen if Prabhas’s Adipurush makers change their minds about the release date.