Finally Rashmika Hails Rakshit And Rishab Shetty!

National crush Rashmika Mandanna got heavily trolled in recent times for her airy gesture of showcasing two-finger quotes rather than mentioning the name of her debut film director Rishabh Shetty or the film’s hero-producer Rakshit Shetty. As the beauty also stated that she hasn’t watched Kantara, the trolling further intensified.

Though Rashmika clarified that she watched Kantara and messaged the concerned persons, none believed it in totality. However, in her latest interview with a Telugu journalist, the actress actually took out the names of Rishab and Rakshit quite openly. She stated that both Rishab and Rakshi (makers of Kirrak Party) have paved way for her entry into films because of which she is busy with four film industries now. Looks like the actress realised her mistake of not taking their names and there is a reason for it too.

“My 8-year-old sister is actually getting affected badly by the trolls. I wouldn’t take trolls seriously, but my sister and family’s mental health is getting spoiled by trolls, because of which I’ve decided to speak against the trolls” says Rashmika in the same interview. Well, now that the actress spoke about her debut film’s hero and director, surely Kannada folks who are unhappy with her might get cool down.