‘Gold’ Director Hits Back At Trolls

Premam director Alphonse Puthren is not happy with the troll attack on him and his new movie Gold. He took his anguish to his Facebook page and warned them.

Alphonse Puthren made his comeback after seven years after Premam. This time he chose the comedy genre Gold, with Prithviraj and Nayanthara in the lead roles. However, his movie received negative reviews and was heavily trolled on social media. He removed his display picture on social media handles and made it black to show his protest. He further said he would go invisible if the trolls continue to irk him.

He wrote, “If you are trolling me and telling bad things about me and my film Gold for your satisfaction, it is good for you. Not for me. So I’m protesting by not showing my face in internet. I’m not your slave or i did not give rights to tease me or abuse me in public. So see my works if you like. And don’t come into my page and show your anger. If you do so, I’ll just become invisible in the internet. I’m not like before. I’ll be true to myself first and then to my partner and my children and the people who really like me and stood beside me when I fell down. I will never forget the laugh in your faces when I fell down. No one falls on purpose. It happens by nature. So the same nature will protect me with the support. Have a great day (sic).”

Puthren’s Gold hit the theaters on December 1, 2022.