Video Talk: It’s Not Over For Samantha!

Queen bee Samantha is known for her hardcore workouts and she is an inspiration for all the upcoming heroines when it comes to maintaining that fit and sexy body. But her myositis condition affected her badly, however, she is beating the disease with her will and determination.

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings 💪🏼” says Samantha, as she shares a video of her doing pull-ups in her home gym. Thanking her coaches for inspiring her, she also wrote, “Being on the strictest possible diet (The autoimmune diet. yes there is such a thing) has taught me that strength is not what you eat.. it’s how you think 🫶🏻”.

It’s good to see Samantha pumping iron in the gym as earlier it has come out that she is even unable to move her hands. And also the talented and brave lady is taking part in the shootings as well as she started working on Citadels Indian version in Mumbai.

Looks like until she is fit and fabulous again, Samantha is not going to take a break.