Butta Bomma Trailer: Gripping Love Saga

Naga Vamsi of Sithara Entertainments join forces with Sai Soujanya of Fortune Four Cinemas for unique entertainers and their latest flick Butta Bomma is getting ready for release on February 4th. Vishwak Sen released the theatrical trailer of the movie.

The trailer begins on an interesting note with an anonymous person calling Anika Surendran and asking her name. She initially hesitates to talk to this person who happens to be an auto driver. But a beautiful relation develops between them. Anika’s family is controlled by very strict father. Under these circumstances, an insubordinate Arjun Das enters their life.

Anika Surendran delivered a wonderful performance as a village belle who wants freedom in life. She looked cute and beautiful. Surya and Arjun Das played their respective roles persuasively.

Shouree Chandrasekhar T Ramesh has come up with a different story and narrated it strikingly. Music director Gopi Sundar and cinematographer Vamsi Patchipulusu complemented each other.

The trailer promises Butta Bomma is a gripping love saga with some twists and turns. Seems like the movie will equally appeal to youth as well as families.