Pawan Kalyan Has More Debts Than Assets!

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is currently working on a couple of interesting projects. The actor recently launched his new film in the direction of Sujeeth. There is no doubt the Pawan gets Highest remuneration in Tollywood. On the other side, we frequently hear that Pawan Kalyan is in a lot of debt. None other than Mega brother Naga Babu has confirmed the same.

Pawan Kalyan extended his financial support to a lot of farmers in recent times, especially during Raithu Bharosa Yatra. Pawan Kalyan also helped a lot of others in various instances. Even Pawan Kalyan mentioned several times in the past that he is running low on his finances and has faced a financial crisis already.

A lot of people who are close to Pawan also constantly say that he is running out of funds. “My brother Pawan Kalyan has more debts than assets. If I tell the same to anyone, they won’t believe me. Despite him taking a big remuneration, he has a lot of debts to clear,” said Naga Babu.

Naga Babu reaffirmed that Pawan Kalyan is spending all his earnings on the people’s welfare and the party. Naga Babu also confirmed that Pawan Kalyan genuinely broke his fixed deposits in the name of children for the party establishment. “He does not have any valuables in his name. He just owns a farmhouse which is 8 acres of land,” said Naga Babu.

“Pawan returned his 1.5 Cr rupees remuneration when Jhonny became a flop at the box office. The car and house he is living in is also on loan,” said Naga Babu, adding that Pawan has no intention to gather assets by wrong earnings in politics.