PSPK X NBK: Backup Servers And Focused Teams Ready

Just like they call it, the upcoming episode of Aha’s Unstoppable with NBK seems to be the ‘Baap of all episodes’. The next episode of Unstoppable with NBK season 2 is with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan.

The promo caught the attention of all and this season finale is giving excitement to the audience, but it is sending tremors to the makers. The Unstoppable episode with Prabhas crashed the servers with heavy user traffic at Aha and the team is planning to avoid the crash this time with the PSPK episode.

It is expected that around 2 million user traffic is going to hit the episode in less than three hours after the launch of the episode. So the makers’ team enhanced their server thresholds to handle the surge in user traffic. They also installed backup servers to avoid crashes if the incoming user traffic is more than 2 million.

Focus teams are arranged to monitor the platform’s stability after the launch of the episode. It looks like the PSPK X NBK episode is no less than a release of Pawan Kalyan’s movie.