Multiverse – That’s The Trend In Indian Cinema

While creating multi-verse is a common thing for makers who come up with animation and visual effects movies, like in the case of Spiderman, Batman and then the total Marvel Cinematic Universe, these days filmmakers who come up with regular commercial movies are also creating their own universe of characters, the multiverse.

One of the most connected universes for the south audience is ‘LCU’ aka Lokesh Cinematic Universe. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj came up with Khaidi, and then he made a new film Vikram with extended characters from that movie, thus creating a universe. Even his next with Vijay is going to be set in the same universe with some characters and incidents getting recalled. And then, films like Vikram 2 and Kaithi 2 will also be in the same universe.

The next big cinematic universe is nothing but KGF created by Prashanth Neel. Though we are yet to see the magic, the likes of Salaar and other movies coming up will see some of the characters from the Yash starrers they say. At the same time, director Ayan Mukherjee created an Astraverse with Brahmastra movie. While Part 1 is yet to be finished through 2 and 3 parts, they will do spin-offs using some of the characters from the film.

Also, director Sailesh’s HIT series is also going to be a ‘multiverse’ very soon as the director wants to club all the heroes from his previous movies and create a new mission for them. Adivi Sesh and Vishwaksen will be joining hands with Nani for an investigation and that will be HIT 4 or 5, they say.

In Telugu, we have another director Prashanth Varma saying that his next film Adhira after the release of Han-Man will be kicked up inside Prashanth Cinematic Universe. Though we could call a universe only after the spin-offs get the characters right, these days every filmmaker is saying that they have created a multiverse.