Girls, Watch Padmabhushan With Parents: Allu Aravind

Mega Producer Allu Aravind was the chief guest at Writer Padmabhushan Celebrating Housefulls event. The film starring Suhas got unanimous hit talk and it opened to good collections everywhere.

Allu Aravind who distributed the movie made some interesting remarks. While speaking at the event, he suggested that girls should watch the movie along with their parents and brothers.

“I’m still energetic because I interact with youngsters every day. They are the reason for my energy. Dheeraj and Vasu proposed me that we should release the movie. After watching the movie, I too felt the same. What I liked the most in the movie was the last scene. Every girl has her own desires which is shown heart-touchingly. I don’t encourage girls sitting at home. Sneha, Bunny’s wife doesn’t need to work. She’s born rich and she’s got married to a big star. But she’s still working. I personally don’t like girls sitting at home. I went to my home, after I saw the movie and enquired my wife that what she actually wanted to become. I saw Shanmukh earlier. But I didn’t recognize his talent.

After Color Photo was completed during the corona lockdown, they didn’t have the patience to hold till the pandemic is over. When they showed us the movie, we promoted it brilliantly and released it on Aha. It’s our first superhit movie on Aha. Suhas is a natural actor and girls like his innocence. We indeed released the movie in limited screens. Bunny Vass and Dheeraj were very confident. Girls, go watch the movie with your brothers and parents. This success proved many wrong that people won’t come to theatres to watch small-time movies.”