Akhil’s Agent – Pretty Similar To Pathaan?

Ever since the new teaser of Akhil’s Agent is out where he appears in a blood bath through which the makers announced April 28th as the release date, various discussions are going on around it. And some say that this resemblance to Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan might kill the expectations around the movie.

Even in the recently released Pathaan, the opening scene of Shah Rukh Khan is a similar one where he will be tied to a chair and beaten to a pulp with blood oozing from his face. Akhil’s appearance in this small titbit also sounded pretty similar.

But then, that is a common themed shot in all the spy thrillers, isn’t it? This resemblance will not do any bad to the film as long as the action sequences are stylish and the screenplay sounds fresh. That’s what really matters for “Agent”.

On the other hand, one has to see how far the audience will really accept Akhil Akkineni doing such a big role as the saviour of the world is something we have to see.

It didn’t work out in his debut film, and also he is not having that big mass image like an NTR or Charan, so that is one thing that everyone wants to know.