People Think I’m Mad, Yes I’m Hugely Mad

‘Queen’ starlet Kangana Ranaut is always known for making some wild allegations about the Bollywood star brigade, and on Sunday she has done it once more. On Monday morning, she kept an Instagram post saying that the suspicious activities around her are not happening anymore, and here is what actually happened.

On Sunday, Kangana posted on her Insta story that a Bollywood hero who is known for his casanova image, and his wife, who has recently become a film producer, are actually spying on her. She stated that this couple is making sure to leak her WhatsApp data and trying to malign her image. Talking more about the star couple, Kangana stated that the hero is the vice president of the nepo mafia, and his wife is copying her when it comes to hiring the same stylist and copying her house interiors as well.

How much of this is true is not known, but Kangana has once again created a storm saying that ever since she put up that post, the suspicious activity around her is not happening, and also there is no one following her with or without cameras. “For people who think that I’m mad, they don’t know how hugely made I’m” she concludes. Well, making news is something only Kangana could do it really well.