Balakrishna Tenders Apology To Nurses’ Community

Every single word spoken by a celebrity could be made into a controversy and that’s what happened with the latest “Unstoppable” episode of NBK x PSPK that was streamed a couple of days ago. Apparently, the Andhra Pradesh Nursing Welfare Association staged a dharna against Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Reacting on the same today, Balakrishna stated that he has a high-regard for nurses whose work he has closely observed in his own Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital. “I’m condemning the rumours and allegations that I’ve insulted the Nursing community. I’ve huge respect for Nurses who look into the welfare of patients day and night. Even during Corona pandemic, many nurses have worked 24×7, risking their own lives, to take care of the patients. In case if my words really hurt them, I’m truly sorry about it” wrote Balayya, on his social media page.

Earlier in the show, Balakrishna stated that when he met with an accident during his Nizam College days, one day he didn’t remember anything after the bike clash, but opened his eyes only in the hospital. At that time, he’s said to have found the Nurse attending him is so pretty and wanted to stay in the hospital for a couple of more days. These comments made about the beauty of a nurse have hurt the Nursing Community.