Are Fans Dictating Too Much To Heroes?

A couple of days ago, director Harish Shankar openly stated that Pawan Kalyan’s fans have hurt him a bit, hence he will not be sharing any updates of his film with Powerstar. Then came Jr NTR who advised fans to not ask about #NTR30 or updates from any star heroes frequently, as heroes, directors and producers are feeling unwanted pressure from it. Here comes the discussion now.

Apparently, fans are going to feel happy if these directors, producers and their favourite heroes give continuous updates about an upcoming film. But then, with Harish Shankar and Jr NTR condemning the fans big time, many are wondering if these two top celebs are correct and making sense. To a larger extent, both Harish and NTR have made a sensible comment if we have to say.

These days fans are dictating too much in terms of the content their heroes should come up with. They asked Prabhas to sack Maruthi’s project, Pawan Kalyan to not do Theri remake and much more. And then they are also asking Mahesh to remove Thaman from #SSMB28, advising Megastar Chiru to not do another remake. All those celebs will not be in that position if they asked fans what to do, rather than deciding what is creatively best and guessing what is going to work at the box office.

In case fans don’t go silent on these aspects, surely more and more stars will give them similar advice along the lines of Jr NTR and Harish Shankar. What do you say, folks?