Neech Kamine Controversy: Venkatesh Maha Apologizes

Director Venkatesh Maha is at the centre of a major controversy as his critical comments on KGF 2 drew severe flak from various sections of movie lovers. Venkatesh Maha has posted a video clarifying his comments and also apologised for the usage of language. The C/o Kancharapalem director, however, maintains his views on the film and the characters in the film remain unchanged. He said he voiced his opinion on the film.

Venkatesh said he has a difference of opinion and he also said his comments were on a film character but not on any individual. He claimed that many others also voiced similar opinion of his. He claimed he received several messages supporting his critical remarks. He said he regrets the choice of his words and the way he had expressed it. He said people are misunderstanding his comments because of his language and body-language.

“While I had made comments on a film character, many are targeting me (a real-life person). My images are badly circulated all over with abuses and trolls. Earlier too I had faced this,” said director Venkatesh Maha. He said he just lent voice on behalf of so many who didn’t like it.

Overall, Venkatesh Maha’s clarification video looks like a cover-up and it is a conditional apology. Hence, this may not go well with the fans of KGF, Yash and Prasanth Neel. Earlier, director Nandini Reddy too apologised and that also didn’t get audiences approval.