‘Extremely Wrong’ – Nani About KGF-Round Table Controversy

The round table discussion of five Telugu directors took a controversial turn after a clip from it came out where one of them is seen criticizing the KGF movie and the rest of them agreeing with him. Four of them were the directors who worked with Nani, and the actor was asked to react to the issue.

Nani made it clear that it is his understanding and opinion before speaking about the issue. ‘What was said and how it was said was extremely wrong,’ says Nani.

Nani further said, ‘ they gave an explanation about what they said. I feel that it was like a discussion between friends that usually happens after they watch a movie, but it happened in an interview which turned into a controversy. One should have been careful about what they were talking.’

‘I felt bad that the guy next to him (Venkatesh Maha) also got caught in this. All the directors who were there and I know, they are all mass movie lovers. Nandini Reddy even whistles and enjoys a mass movie. About 990 of 1000 people judged them by watching a 10 second-clip. People around him get carried away when a filmmaker was narrating something in a funny tone. I know all of them and it seems to be a miscalculation. That too, we did not like it because the comments were about the movie KGF, which we all like and love.’

Leaving apart what he narrated, his funny way made them smile and that is it. The rest of them, I know personally and are filmmakers who appreciate all the films. I have seen them praising RRR and KGF-making techniques and cuts. They all are friendly and shy people.

Not a blunt or blind support to his directors, but Nani put it in a subtle way to explain what could have happened and said it was unfortunate. He called the directors who he worked with, ‘gem of a people and I don’t want to judge them after watching a small clip.’