“RRR paid for Oscar” says Bollywood Artist

It is a known fact that South Indian films are ruling Indian cinema for the last few years. On the other side, several Bollywood biggies are proving to be disasters at the box office. Though not shown publicly, it is evident that many Hollywood folks are jealous of South Indian films’ rise. 

Recently, RRR’s Naatu Naatu won the Best Original Song award at the Oscars. While the entire country celebrated this mammoth success, many Bollywood directors and actors didn’t even congratulate RRR’s team. If a Hindi film achieved this feat, it would have become a nationwide sensation by now and the entire Bollywood would have celebrated the success. 

Apart from not celebrating it, B-Town folks have also started taking a jibe at RRR’s win. Popular actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s makeup artist Shaan Muttathil alleged that RRR’s team bought the Oscar. On social media, he stated, “I thought only in India we can buy awards lol. But now even the Oscars. Money and what all we can get when we have the money. Even the Oscars lol.”

Netizens slammed Shaan for his comments. They called him a jealous person who can’t celebrate a South film’s success. Well, that seems to be the case with most of the Bollywood celebrities.