PS-2’s Horrible Situation In Telugu States

Legendary director Mani Ratnam’s dream project Ponniyin Selvan’s first part, was released a few months ago. It was a blockbuster in Tamil and collected more than 500 crores at the box office. But it was a super flop in all other languages.

Tamil audiences made it a hit as it was their region’s story. But Mani Ratnam failed to give it a universal appeal. Thus, it ended up as a flop in other languages. Especially, Telugu audiences are known for making dubbed films hit if the content is good. But even they couldn’t digest the heavy Tamil flavor of PS-1.

Now, Ponniyin Selvan’s second part is gearing up for release. It will hit the screens on April 28. It has an excellent pre-release business in Tamil Nadu. But the case is horrible in the Telugu states. No buyer or distributor is showing interest in acquiring the Telugu rights.

Apparently, Dil Raju, who distributed the first part, is also not interested in buying the second part’s rights. Thus, it is heard that the film may not do even 10 crores of pre-release business in the Telugu states. As the Telugu audiences are least interested in this sequel, we can expect it to have a minimal release, unlike its predecessor.